In many societies there are prophecies foretelling the time of the last great battle of good against evil. The Vampires have such a legend as well, here are a few of the Prophecies which foretell a time of ending, which begins this, the last war of good against evil, to take place in the modern-day world of the viral vampire.

And now here are only a few of the prophecies that foretell this time of ending and beginning. The words are taken from Paladin as said to her by Azraeyel and also taken from other verbal Vampiric Sources.

And there grows near the foretold time.

A time when the truth breaks forth, like a chicken from its shell, at the moment of birth, into the world. The truth is upon the wind and the wind becomes a gale.

Once set free, the truth travels and releases the knowledge. And there shall be those on both sides who do not wish the truth known. And yet shall it become known to all.

On that day, shall human turn against human, vampire against his own kind and brother shall slay brother and friend shall kill his friend ... in the name of truth.

Then he shall have been the first, but his truth shall go unheeded, and the children shall betray him.

One of his own shall bring forth the tempest.

And the child shall lead and so shall he become the first and be the last.

In the end, there shall be only two kinds of humans: those who believe and understand, and those who fear.

The truth is upon the wind, and the wind becomes a gale, and shall blow across the land to devastate all within its path.

The wind shall blow ill. And so doth the time of ending become a plague upon all the land.

The messenger rides forth alone.

The wall of stone is false and 'tis but made of clay which shattered as the balance is shattered.

They who speak this truth are the first to die.

The Messenger carries forth the divine truth unto the masses.

The death is accomplished by the hand of evil which is mistaken for the Sword of Right.

But though the lips are silent, the heart screams and the words rise as the Phoenix to herald the end of the beginning.

As the storm grows more ponderous, THEY shall hear the windsong.

And what was fantastic will be reality, and reality shall be proven.

He who is the first, he who is the last, shall know the truth.

And as they do, so shall all, and the tempest subsides leaving only the destruction, a memory ... the voices an echo, and the truth evident.

And Brother kills his Brother, and Friend lies to Friend. and loves are lost as friendships die and the wind blows cold.

The Silent Battle rages, the Balance is no more, and yet doth the end come slowly ... with promise of renewed Light.


As with humans there is, and has been for centuries, a foretelling of a Time Of Ending; a time of a great and awful war which would put an end to things as we know them. A war that would tear families apart, that would turn friend against friend and bring destruction, devastation, and death in its wake.

This was/is not exactly religious in nature, but there are parallels. And, as with the Second Coming and the Armageddon, this Ending Time has its own legends and prophecies.

These legends are known mostly only to the vampires and those close to them. But the rumors of such a time have endured for centuries, told by word of mouth from one to the other.

There are several groups of vampires, and those who have an interest in them, who have very similar prophecies. A word or two different, a piece of information missing or added to the puzzle.

But they all agree the battle, as with humanity and Christians, will be a battle of great good over great evil. A fight on a planetary scale to include both humans and vampires.

No more secret, no more underground; no longer limited to just the vampire communities.


The battle is to be for balance, protection and survival.

In today's world, there are many different vampire groups and communities; they all belong to a loosely associated organization. An alliance of sorts, which basically keeps the peace. The alliance members are world wide; they abide by an ancient treaty, a treaty with many sections governing such things as conduct, relationships with humans, territorial ties and disputes, political and environmental issues. Laws and rules by which all are governed.

This treaty is ratified and added to, every so often in large meetings held in Europe, Asia and the Orient, and yes, here in America as well. Those who run the world and govern themselves and others have their own political structure and substructure.

You could compare it to a senate made up of many different councils, committees and other formations which unified the members. All going their separate ways and breaking off into smaller groups. To help understand the treaty concept, think of the alliance and treaty as a whole country, such as the United States, and think of the councils as the individual states, all unified for a common good. Unified to form a uniform policing force and laws that govern and benefit all.

Now think of each member state as an individual, different in modes of conduct. Just as we all are. But in this case, the German, French, American and Asian members all differ within their own location as well ... that way being unified as a member of the treaty, these organizations differ greatly in political beliefs and what they consider to be lawful.

Then, as in America, there is a comparison of the old beliefs, rules and laws, with the new and modern; the natural separation of the very young, the middle aged and the old. But with vampires, the age differences are greater. But young and old are not restricted to age but the length of time one has been a vampire, and which kind of vampire.

In this world, old could mean 800 years and young could mean newly transformed only a day or a week. A Classical vampire may be a week old, even though the 'actual' age of that newly transformed Classical could be over 50 years old or barely 18 years old. Compliance with the treaty originally, and the councils and committees which ran them, is what (in part) had kept the balance.


As with vampires everywhere, many disagree.
Some feel that humans should be shunned and will have no part in human affairs, others cherish human friendships. Some feel humans are cattle and nothing more. Whereby, there are vampires who feel humans are going to be the surviving animals and, as such, are responsible for the safety of the planet.

Other vampires feel THEY are the highest life forms and humans are not necessary and should be gotten rid of by any means possible. Then there are the vampire rogues, the independents who also adhere to the treaty.

The treaty keeps the balance ... as well as the balance of nature, between man and nature; between man and vampire.


There is a series of people who govern this treaty ... although the title seems religious, it is not so, not in the same sense as in Judeo-Christian systems ... included in this maze of interlocking different issues is also that of magick ... the old and the ancient, things you have no idea exist ... things of physical and psychic natures ... also dependent on the balance of the cosmos and the universe.

Just as good and evil and life and death are all balance and discipline, so is the treaty dependent on balance ...

For centuries there have been rumor's of this Ending Time. A time when the treaty would be no more ... when the old proven ways would no longer be followed. A time when the balance was disturbed and this would begin before the Christian Armageddon.

It would at first begin with only vampires but would soon spread to their human associates. A war unlike any other which would prove the existence of vampires to the world. There are many truths involved here and a few more important than all the rest.

Vampires have always been safe because of the myths. As long as the myths were believed, the actual vampire remains safe and able to function freely amid the disbelief of mankind. They are safe because they are uniformly not believed in by the masses. But the truth about vampires, by its very definition, will change the balance of nature.


Will humans want the benefits?

The longer life span, the more years of health and strength and beautiful appearance?

Would they feel the real vampire was a threat due to his strength, psychic abilities, longer work history which permits him to gain greater education and wealth?

Would that be considered a threat?

So many issues, so many reasons for the truth to be hidden?

But a few major reasons for the truth to be told.


The major reason ... Death to humans on a massive scale from ... err ... lets call it natural causes.

If one can consider AIDS a natural cause, that is. Deaths of millions of humans over the next 75 to 100 years. That death would also disturb the balance of nature.

What happens to the planet and the vampires, if the humans die? Some vampires feel it is natural selection ... just let it happen. But others feel, 'No, humans must survive. It is necessary to the survival of the planet.'


Now, just suppose that the vampires could insure the humans' survival, but in so doing perhaps end their own existence.

This would cause a rift in the vampire communities with some saying, 'Let them die. They caused it themselves. We can and will survive and so will the planet ... do nothing. Do not endanger us for them.' But others feel humans can be saved but in so doing they would learn a new truth: that vampires exist. And once this is proven to them, the vampires will be at risk as they lose the safety of pure myth.

Humans have always feared what they do not know or understand, and they tend to destroy what they fear. The hatred for vampires is ingrained due to the myths and lies of religion. So, the struggle between the two factions begins; those who wish to keep the treaty, the balance, intact, with those who wish to help humanity survive pitted against those who do not.


Those who feel the time is for change, the new ideas over the old, the young and new over the old ways. A change. Let the stronger vampires prevail.

What could happen if this actually occurred? If the treaty was disbanded? If the alliance fell apart?

The Civil War that would begin the 'Ending Time.'


Some vampires feel they could and should control the world governments by themselves instead of in the partnerships they now find themselves with humans counterparts. They do not wish any truth known ... especially that they exist. These factions would be pitted against those who disagree.

At first this war is confined to words, then actions only within the vampire communities. Later it would spill over into the human friendships, then fully into the human communities.


He, who is venerated for maintaining the Old Ways,
is called the Pope of Balance.

But he is only one of many. He is an ancient; sort of a figurehead, one of the symbols of the treaty and what it stands for: peace, right, balance, life.

He is believed to be a man of ancient honor who had taken vows to uphold this balance and more.

He is, and has always been, a target and so too are any who ally with him. His family, his friends, his associates ... just in knowing him they are a part of a struggle not many even realize begins.

In the end it is believed he will die sometime near the end of the war. He accepts this and is resigned to it. However, some think the event of his dying before the end of the war is a misreading of the ancient texts.

Some of us know our fate and know a truth ... it cannot be altered.



Just as the Christian time was foretold, accomplished and not able to be changed by any of its counterparts, so to is this Civil War predestined. Due to happenings during the past few years, such as the disturbances in California where several vampire groups began to openly argue about general policy and some even got into public fights ... these occurrences of serious argument began spreading to other states and countries.

In late 1997 there was a hectic meeting in Germany where several members of the Inheritor hierarchy walked out of the meeting on ratifying the additions to the treaty. This was followed by a general walkout by the younger Classicals.

A while later, in Paris, a high ranking Inheritor was attacked and badly injured by a young Classical. Also during 1997 a Night-Timer who is responsible for a good quantity of the truth reaching the public was stalked, threatened, had property destroyed by vandals and serious death threats. This act of terrorism and destruction was seen as an attempt to prevent information, such as found in the Vampiric Studies Course on the web site and such as is taught in this class, from being given to the general public. Twice the enemy has successfully been able to bring this site down, that will never happen again.

Due to these and other happenings within the vampire communities it is believed that the time line toward the Ending Time has begun and forces are now in play leading to the inevitable.


It is important to note that this Ending Time which is the beginning of the Civil War will, in its earliest stages, appear to the human community as human 'gang fights' but in actuality will be severe, ideological and territorial disputes which at first will be confined to the vampire communities. These disputes, however, will not be secret and will, in these early stages, be played out within a public background.

The War of Balance which is the beginning of the Ending Time.


August 2005

However, it is only rumor because no one I know will confirm or deny this information.

I was told some time ago by the editor of my Spanish speaking site in Spain that a new Classical, who's home is Spain, has stated in an international forum originating in Spain, that he was now vampire leader of the east coast of the United States. He spoke quite a bit about himself and how he was now ruling the east coast from Maine to Florida. I wrote every vampire I could think of to see if this was accurate, even sent a hard copy of what was sent to me, but I received no reply from anyone. Shortly thereafter, I learned that ImortalN has told other people quite different things than he has told me, including the fact that I made up the entire site. So no one will respond to me. Any of you who wish to communicate with the Spanish vampire, let me know and I'll provide you with his name and email address in Spain, he speaks only Spanish, and most likely won't answer you, but the information is here if you want it.

Based upon the bits and pieces of information I DO have, I feel the war is either over or they have come to an agreement. But that is unofficial.


As ever,
Catherene NightPoe

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