Exactly what is a Night-Timer?
That is a good question and many Vampires, and those members of the medical profession who are Vampire aware, disagree. Night-timer is a title given to a race of beings who are actually also Inheritors. Although, they are distinguished by the term Night Timer, they are a recognized subset of the Class 2 Inheritor. Which, technically makes them a Bourne or Inheritor Vampire. Night-timers are affected and infected by a much weaker strain of what’s come to be known as the V5 virus.

Night-timers Normally Live Much Longer Than Humans: They outwardly age more slowly and stay younger looking in appearance much longer. The average live span of a Night-timer is 200 to 300 years. They look about 80 to 90 at age 300. On the whole, nowhere near as long as the average Classical or Class 1 Inheritor Vampire.

Night-timers Can Be Killed: They may be killed by most of the normal ways of killing humans, but not as easily.

Night-timers Are Psychic: Usually, they tend to be much more psychic than the average human and, most often are just as psychic as the most skilled Vampire.

Night-timers Are Physically Stronger: If healthy, they average three to five times as strong as their counterpart human, but much less powerful than a Classical or Inheritor Vampire at the same stage of life at any given point.

Night-timers Have Extreme Sensitivity To Light, Heat And Sun: As their Vampire counterparts suffer, so do Night-timers. They are also prone to eye problems and digestive maladies.

Night-timers Consume Blood: As their Classical and Inheritor counterparts, Night-timers consume blood as nourishment, in varying amounts. If they do not do so on some sort of regular basis, they become very weak and prone to illness. Like other Vampires, Night-timers can eat and drink as well as consume blood.

Night-timers Function Better After Dark: As with Vampires, Night-timers feel more vigorous, and stronger during the non-daylight hours. As Vampires do, they prefer not to go out during the day. But, as with Vampires, they can and do go out when the need arises.

Night-timers Do Not Regenerate Organs: Unlike the Class 1 Inheritor Vampire, who tend to heal faster and regenerate to a greater extent, Night-timers are more like humans in this respect. It was once said that Night-timers inherited the worst of both species. The ailments and other characteristics of both human and vampire without the strength, regenerative abilities, health, or long life of the Vampire.

Actually, there are two forms of Night-timer. Those who more strongly resemble Inheritor vampires in their attributes, (they heal faster, are physically stronger, and tend to be more arrogant) and those who more strongly favor humans. That which causes these differences is believed to be the original strength and/or the specific mutation of the infecting virus.

Night-timers never get much respect from the Classical or Inheritor communities. Most vampires consider Night-timers to be half-breeds or even think of them as human. Humans think of Night-timers as vampires and insist on calling them vampire. Most vampires, especially Bornes, refuse to recognize Night-timers as vampires, even though Night--timers are born the same way. Usually from human parents or skipping generations and resembling ancestors such as Aunts, Uncles, cousins, etc. Night-timers choose to call themselves Night-timers to help differentiate themselves from true Bornes.

Unlike Class 1 Inheritors we are not sterile, but we die. It is difficult for Night-timers to become pregnant and to carry to full term. Many first pregnancies are lost, or the children die very young.

So, even though new generations may be sired, the young often die much before maturity, making the race as a whole, sadly doomed to extinction. Mating with humans seems to eliminate the Night-timer qualities or, at least, dilute them even further. And since Class 1 Inheritors are sterile; mating with a Vampire to strengthen the race would accomplish nothing.

Many Night-timers have fangs, but many do not. Night-timers feed exactly like Class 1 Inheritors, but whereas Inheritors and Classicals disdain dead blood and prefer their blood pumping live from the vein of a feeding source, many Night-timers exist on animal blood. Which most secure from possible blood donors and butcher shops.

Night-timers feed by biting, those who do not have fangs use an appliance called Feeding Fangs. Which are actually dentist quality fangs over a very sharp piece of steel at the point. For reasons explained in the class on Inheritors, else where, most Night-timers feed from the area just above the heart, the breast, the upper arm, upper thigh – both inside and outside thigh – and on the hand. The fangs make small punctures which heal rapidly and resemble freckles when healed.

Class 1 Inheritors are mostly immune to human illnesses. They cannot catch AIDs and other varying diseases, but they can pass them on from blood donor to blood donor. (i.e. sources) The Night-timers, even those which resemble Inheritors Class 1, are also susceptible to human illness. That is why most prefer what is known as dead blood. Because it is not pumping from the donor at the time of feeding. Night-timers must be careful to be sure their blood is safe, by heating it or cooking it, or perhaps eating animal organ meats. Such as liver, heart, etc, which usually contain more blood.

Due to very popular written and film fiction and animation many people believe there is such a thing as a half vampire, a person born of one vampire parent and one human parent. It is also believed these people are called all kinds of similar names ... Damphoire, vampirell, vampir, daywalker and a host of others originating in works of fiction.

There is no such thing as a half vampire, if there where, they would most likely be classified as Night-timers.


As ever,
Catherene / NightPoe

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