This is a condensed combination of the Vampire Creation Myth. To my knowledge, there are five, three of which I have seen. All are based on Native American myth but two are based on 'The Book of Enoch' (about the fallen angels and the Watchers). To save time I have condensed the non-Christian ones here. To my knowledge the basis for these myths are deeply rooted in the religious lore and Shamanism of the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee and Black Foot Nations.
The Myth

There was once a brave and powerful Medicine Man and Healer who was kind and ruled his tribe with love. His brother was the Chief of the Ten Tribes. The Medicine Man loved a maiden named Laughing Sky. He and his love were wed and they lived among their people in peace and harmony with all. But Laughing Sky was barren and brought forth no children.

One day the Medicine Man, in his anguish for the lack of a son, raised his head and challenged the Great Spirit. He declared that he would no longer obey all things, if he where not given a son.

But the Great Spirit was deaf to his plea and listened not.

As the days passed Laughing Sky grew old and the end of her child bearing time drew nigh. In desperation, the Medicine Man turned to the more negative spirits for aid in making Laughing Sky fertile.

He did things forbidden and one sad day opened a portal by the use of magick, through which entered a dark spirit named Jumlin.

Jumlin was a strong and dominant negative spirit who sought life in the living dimension of the Earth and tricked the Medicine Man to bring him forth. He promised in payment for bringing him out of the Spirit Realm into the world that he would bestow the Medicine Man with many healthy sons and daughters to enrich his later years.

Jumlin promised the Medicine Man that Laughing Sky would bring forth to bare a beautiful and healthy son nine months after the Medicine Man granted Jumlin's desire to be brought from the Realm of Spirit Shadows into the Living World.

The Medicine Man complied.

Even though to do so was forbidden, the Medicine Man brought the Spirit of Jumlin into the world.

But Jumlin had fooled the great Medicine Man. Jumlin had shielded much of his power and once across the Divide, he possessed the Medicine Man, going into his heart, mind and body.

Jumlin was a hard and cruel spirit, dominant and hungry. He fed on blood of living things. First the animals of the forest, then the horses and finally on the people of his tribe.

As the Medicine Man, Jumlin had power and control of his people. He first selected the strongest of Braves to feed upon and in his hunger and blood lust fed from them unto their deaths.


The Medicine Man's brother, the Chief, and his people lived in fear. As Jumlin continued, his physical and mental powers grew stronger until none dared to resist him.

The stronger he became the more he took advantage of those weaker. Then one day he stopped feeding from the males and went into the female population of his village, doing as ever he liked or willed with their minds and bodies as he fed.

As with the males he satisfied himself fully with the women ... most died. In the spring, those who did not die, became with child and there where many new births in the village, all healthy, robust children.

The young, and older, braves, even though terrified, hated their Medicine Man more and more as he did as he pleased to their wives and daughters, sisters and nieces.

As the days grew into summer, Jumlin's appetites increased. He was now unstoppably strong in all ways and became even more negative.

All lived in dreadful fear as woman upon woman and then the female children began to die of Jumlin's cruelty and feeding.

As fall approached the men of the tribe could stand it no more and despite their fears, they sent two messengers to a nearby tribe to consult their medicine man. They were told that their Medicine Man was no longer he whom they had known, but the evil Spirit Jumlin.

And they learned the ancient methods for his destruction, for now, no more could he be killed as a mortal man is killed.

When they returned, after several months, they found Jumlin's spouse large with child and very ill. She lived to bring forth into the world Jumlin's child, who was called Laughing Bear.

Soon after giving birth, Laughing Sky fell into Child Bed Fever and the braves banded together in a plot to destroy Jumlin. But he was aware of it at once.

He killed Laughing Sky and drained her of her blood and did the same to the leader of the young braves as the warrior slept.

Jumlin took his son, several of the other children and their mothers in the dead of night and escaped. He gave the women and their children to several braves in various villages to buy their protection for a time as he made his way across the plains.

After a time only he and Laughing Bear rode together. Laughing Bear soon grew to be as cruel and indulgent as his father.

Several months hence, they came to yet another village where they stopped to rest. As Laughing Bear slept, Jumlin went abroad into the night as was his want. This time his feeding was more vicious than ever and his victim was the chief's eldest daughter.

As Jumlin, deep in a blood lust frenzy, partook of her, he was discovered by her father and three of the Hunters who had been following them all these months. Jumlin was killed, or actually destroyed, by the magic knowledge of the Hunters, but Laughing Bear escaped.

Laughing Bear and his brothers and sisters, begot by Jumlin, are said to be living to this day. Breeding with humans and their own kind to produce the first race of Inheritors.

They are physically powerful, live eternally and are negative in nature.

They are both the first Vampires and the ancestors of the first Vampires. And they walk the Earth today.

So said the three Native American Myths.

Another Cherokee Vampire Myth

Among the Cherokee there is a legend of a terrible bloodthirsty ogress who slaughters people and eats their livers.

Known as the U`tlûñ'ta, this she-creature can adopt any shape or appearance to suit her purpose, but in her right form she looks very much like an old woman, except that her whole body is covered with a skin as hard as a rock that no weapon can penetrate.

On her right hand she has a long, stony forefinger made from hard bone, shaped like an awl or the head of a spear. She uses this ghastly weapon to stab whomever she encounters.

Because of this fearsome weapon she is called U`tlûñ'tä, or 'Spear-finger'. Some people call her Nûñ'yunu'ï, or 'Stone-dress' because of her stony skin.

By whatever name she is called, though, this vengeful and bloodthirsty creature is to be deeply feared.


As ever,
Catherene NightPoe

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