Now we learn about the Inheritor Vampire. Inheritors come in two categories: Class 1 (also called Category 1) and Class 2 (also called Category 2)

There is no one language or word in the vampiric community, which describes all of the subspecies of vampires. With the exception of the word 'True Borne', 'Borne', or 'Blue Blood', which is generally taken to mean Class 1, or Category 1, Inheritors.

Class 1 comprises the true Inheritors. For, although they are born into their lifestyle, just as are Category 2 Inheritors, they are different in several ways. They are immortal, or what most think of as immortal, living for many hundreds of years.

They heal much more quickly. They can be killed but it takes quite a lot to accomplish it. They do regenerate some organs, teeth, fangs, and nerves. I know of one Inheritor who suffers from a degenerative eye disease. The disease will progress to a certain point, then his recuperative abilities will take over and repair the damage. Then the cycle starts over again. Fortunately, the progression of the disease is slow and not painful so he has simply learned to live with it. I am not sure if whole limbs and bones are regenerated. I think perhaps so, but do not know this as a certain fact.

Class 1's can go about by day as well, better than the other categories, because they usually are born into a very human state and gradually become aware of the Vampiric growth and changes in their bodies as they age and enter puberty. Thus, often feeling different as they grow into the teen years.

They can eat regular foods and beverages for their entire life span. The changes begin at puberty, and slowly, over years forms into the full blown Vampiric Medical Condition. During the first stages of the transformation they begin to feel the need for blood and will begin to feed. At even this early stage, they DO feed for nourishment but continue to eat regular foods. It is a fable that Vampires only feed on blood. Even when they 'mature' into the Vampiric Condition they will continue to eat normal foods throughout their lives. In fact many Vampires enjoy dining in fine restaurants and drinking fine wines.

As with most, but not all real Vampires, Class 1's do tend to avoid humans. Some do make good and lasting human friendships though.

The Class 1 is what is considered the immortal Vampire, as are the Classicals, but they can die. They just do not do so as often or as quickly.

Regarding feeding: Most Class 1 Inheritors disdain 'dead' blood which is frozen or animal blood such as in a steak or piece of liver. They almost always prefer live blood directly from a living source.

As with most real Vampires, they lead secretive and secluded lives, making it difficult for humans to get any closer emotionally than the Vampire chooses to permit. As with ALL Vampires they can disappear for long stretches of time. Identities are changed more often than clothes.

All of the long-lived Vampire types have a different relationship to, and perception of, time, which is vastly different from most human perceptions.


They can become ill, but do so far less often as their recuperative processes are faster and stronger. In mental ability all Inheritors can be, and often are, highly psychic and/or empathic -- as are Classicals. They can do all the things Classicals can do. Perhaps it is they, the Inheritors, about whom the legends are truly speaking.

As with all races, Inheritors number the bad, the good, the evil and the saintly among their ranks. But as with all Vampires, they are what they are -- predators, hunters and true to their real natures.

To quote a close Vampire friend of mine,

'Don't let this pleasant human exterior fool you. Never forget, I am what I am. I'm a killer. That's my nature. I'm a killer. Please don't ever forget that.'

Most do maintain their humanity, some do not. All are unpredictable and often difficult for humans to understand.

As with all Vampires, if you are human and wish to befriend a Vampire you must accept them for exactly what they are. You cannot attempt to change, cage or have them fit a more human mold or lifestyle. You must be prepared to lose touch often and accept all.

For real Vampires accept human friendships on their terms only.

Unless you understand and accept these terms as well, you will not be happy as the friend of a Vampire.

Someone recently said, 'Missing a Vampire friend is a major occupation for many people.' This is true. If you wish to know about the Inheritors, re-read Classicals.

Included in Category 1, is a lesser-known subspecies called Lunas. In some cases of European myth, Lunas may have been mistaken for werewolves.

The Luna is sexual, sensual, earthy, and a bit larger than Category 1’s on the whole. Lunas do have some sexual experience with humans, but not often. In all other aspects Lunas are much like Category 1's.
In Class 2, or Category 2, we have the Inheritor, who was born into his/her lifestyle. 'To Inherit' is meant to convey a person who was born into the lifestyle and inherited the characteristics, traits, and the infection from someone in his family. However, not necessarily the parents. If, at anytime, anyone born into the family carried the altered Vampiric DNA and accompanying genes, then anyone else born into the family at a later date could inherit those genes and qualities.

Category 2 is the human Inheritor, someone born of a purely human parentage (i.e., both parents being totally human) into a genetic Vampiric lifestyle, meaning that they are not immortal, or eternal. But in all, or most, other aspects they are Vampiric. They suffer from the same problems as Classicals, the same feeding styles, the same methods of feeding and the consuming of blood for nourishment.

Category 2, Night-timers, age much more slowly but do not live the very long life spans of Classicals or Inheritors Class 1. In all aspects, Category 2's are Vampiric. All the forms of vampires can and do go out in light and sun. But Category 2 Inheritors, as with Classicals, tend to feel weak, sick, tired and ill during the day. The skin is also affected, as Category 2's can get heat stroke, internal body fluids evaporate quickly, they pass out, etc. The skin also blisters and burns very quickly even if they are not fair complexioned. They also feed on fresh and frozen blood, have donor feeding partners and sources, etc.

The only real differences are that they are considered human by the medical community, are not immortal, heal more rapidly than humans -- but not as rapidly as Classicals or Inheritors Category 1. They can and do die.

The average life span of a Nighttimer is usually between 200 and 300 years.

Remember everyone, we are doing our best to keep things real here and separate fact from lie, propaganda, fiction, legend and fantasy.

I know much of what you have learned here about Vampires does not fit the standard mold, or legends, or romance novels. That is because this is most real and reality differs greatly from the fantasies of both yesterday and today.

Yes, real Vampires have fangs, but some do not.

Yes, real Vampires can go out in the daylight/sun, eat food and drink beverages just like you.

Yes, they feed on human blood and take it both with and without the permission of the source.

Yes, they are psychic and empathic and some are gifted natural healers.

Yes, they are highly intelligent.

Yes, they hunt and kill.

Yes, they are real and do exist.

Yes, they are both quite like humans and quite unlike humans.

Yes, they keep to themselves and yes, they do not do so. Their lives are difficult and set apart, most are alone but many are not lonely.

Yes, they do have both human and other vampire friends.

Yes, there are many races of Vampires as there are many races of man.

Yes, they are both good and evil, bad and saintly.

It all depends on which you are speaking about and the individual Vampire.

A few forgotten key points, all Vampires ARE Vampires because they have an altered structured DNA and gene pool. This is known among a limited sector of the medical community and it is this altered DNA and the accompanying genes which make a Vampire a Vampire.

Category 2 Inheritors can reproduce their own kind. Category 1 males are sterile but the females can bear live young.

Please Note: The real vampiric lifestyle is not a thing of glamour. It is not fun for most Real Vampires. It means years and years of loneliness, watching the few you do love die. Over and over again. And since they live longer, Vampires must endure this loss many more times than the normal human, if they are prone to human friendships.

They can often be the subject of harsh prejudice. They run the risk of losing their homes, jobs and friends who do not know what they truly are ... if they are found out. They are forever needing to watch their backs for they are often the prey of all manner of hunters. The misguided religious zealot who truly believes Vampires are a creation of Satan ... as in demon. The human hunter who finds it amusing and rewarding to hunt the most cunning and intelligent of all animals. The Vampire himself, who hunts others of his own kind due to law enforcement or for his/her own reasons.

Some of the lifestyle does reflect the romance of the fictional characters because real Vampires tend to be charming, 'the beautiful people,' very well off financially due to centuries of investments, stronger, more personally and politically powerful and quite sure of themselves in every way. Some do indeed lead a privileged lifestyle. But the price they pay for this is higher than any human can perceive.

Most Vampires tend to be well educated (they have so many centuries to study and perfect their knowledge in all things) Most Vampires are well read and well traveled. But the price they pay for such a long life span is often living a semi-isolated existence. Which keeps them apart from the love, companionship and closeness felt by their human counterparts.

Please note: that in several past updates, the general numbers indicating Class 1s and Class 2s were placed incorrectly on this page. A Class 1 is a true Inheritor, Class 2 is a subspecies of Inheritor, which includes the Nighttimer as an offshoot.

This class is, with all fondness, dedicated to ImortalN.
As ever,
Catherene NightPoe

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