There are real hunters as well as real vampires. These hunters are both male and female; gender does not matter. Actual hunters have only one thing in mind: to really harm the vampire, to even kill their prey. There are three main classes of hunters: the Religious Hunter, the Sports Hunter, and the Revenge Hunter.

And no, this page will not teach you how to become a Vampire Hunter.

Hunters, no matter which type, are seen by Vampires as an actual threat to their lives. Most Vampires will keep on hand at least one, and most likely two, evacuation kits or 'bug out bags'. Often having one stashed within easy reach in a closet and one in their car. In the event the Vampire has some advance warning of a hunter, and he chooses to run instead of stand his ground, the Vampire can just grab this bag of necessities, which will contain some cash, important items and a few personal belongings and disappear.

The Religious Hunter

This person can be of any religion. Most are Christian, but there have been Jewish hunters and Moslem hunters.

The Religious Hunter is convinced that the vampire is a servant of the Devil. 'A Spawn of Hell.' An actual demon with the power to steal souls and beguile the innocent. The religious hunter feels that killing a demon is not a sin, and truly believes that all vampires, or those claiming to be vampires, are pure evil.

It is not against their morals or religious convictions to kill in the name of God or to kill that which they feel is evil. They are very dangerous as they often refuse to listen to (or believe) the truth, feeling that a 'demon' always lies and is not to be trusted.

They often feel it is their duty to destroy vampires. Many of these people also feel there is a plot afoot by Vampires and by the Goth movement through out the world especially in America, Germany and some other countries, that the Goth movement is a plot to corrupt the innocent of the world (i.e.: the children or other people), these hunters are also bent on targeting these people. Deprogramming, religious indoctrination and even killings are their way of dealing with this perceived threat on the morals of civilization.

The Sports Hunter

This type of hunter, just like a hunter of large animals, hunts for sport. The thrill of the chase; the thrill of the win; and the thrill of the kill.

Because the Sport Hunter loves the hunt as much as the conquest, this hunter will often warn his prey, the vampire, of his intentions to harm or kill. In that way he knows the vampire will be alert to the threat and offer him a better and more interesting hunt. He knows the vampire to be more dangerous a prey than any large animal and he knows the vampire will do all that is necessary to defend himself and protect his or her friends and family.

So, mostly the Sport Hunter will warn the vampire either by openly declaring who he is and challenging the vampire. Or by stalking first, doing small things like harassing and following the vampire to let the vampire know he is there. Attempting to use psychology to unnerve his prey. In some rare occasions, a Sport Hunter will just attack the vampire with no warning, but mostly not. There is very little sport in a surprise attack.

The Sport Hunter, as the name implies, hunts for sport. To be matched against a cunning adversary, and to have the thrill of a dangerous situation. If he really feels superior to his prey, he will let them know who he is and what he intends.

The Religious Hunter is more silent in his intent for he believes the vampire to possess supernatural powers and gives no warning most of the time. For the Religious Hunter, it is not a game or sport, it is perceived as their duty. Therefore they won't give their prey a chance to escape.

The Revenge Hunter

This is a person who hunts to avenge someone he knows; and this type of hunter could be either a vampire or a human.

Example 1: A Vampire kills a human either accidentally or on purpose, and a friend of that person hunts the Vampire for revenge.

Example 2: A hunter killed a vampire, and a friend of the vampire (either human or vampire) went after this hunter for revenge.

Example 3: The vampire killed a hunter in self defense, and that hunter's friend went forth to hunt his friend's killer.

Anyone who hunts to even a score, is a Revenge Hunter.


There is also a forth kind of hunter, but we cannot actually say this is a true hunter. This is the vampire itself. Hunting other vampires, usually for criminal reasons. This hunter is the vampire 'policeman.' It is his job to track down, bring to justice or destroy the criminal vampire, the rogue vampire who breaks the laws of his vampire community. These vampire hunters deal only with other vampires. Their laws are very harsh for those who break the rules.

Inheritors can usually pick up on a hunter; most Classicals and other race designations, unless the individual is very psychic, cannot do so. Hunters are usually good computer hackers or detectives and can successfully trick certain agencies or organizations into giving out an address or phone number. Most hunters mean to do harm, or really kill, that which they hunt.

Caution should be taken for every threat. However, many are just playing, role playing or pretending. So you need not totally panic at every threat.


As ever,
Catherene NightPoe
*The idea for the class on Real Hunters was suggested by Jimmy Isthman who was a class member of the 1998 spring semester in Vampiric Studies. We thank him for providing the idea for this class.*

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