Genetic Vampires are similar to Inheritor Vampires. In fact, the term Inheritor can be correctly applied to Genetics as well. The difference being, true Inheritors must be born into the lifestyle and inherit their Vampiric abilities and attributes from someone in their family; although it may be several generations removed.

Genetics are thought of more as having their chromosomes altered and being carriers of the genes, which are usually transmitted by birth or infection. It is generally believed that real Vampirism stems from an altered physical state, which is influenced by an original viral infection or other deficiency, such as body chemistry, altering due to some form of extreme mutagen. As with Night-timers, It is believed that the infecting virus for Genetics was a much weaker strain than that which infected Bornes/Inheritor Class 1s.

In most cases, the modern view is that it is a virus which alters the immune system to produce longer life, greater physical strength, faster healing of an injured or other wise normally infected body. This virus is also believed to affect the bones and organs as a person gradually ages. The aging process is much slower due to the reaction to the virus.

Current medical research into the extending of human life, indicates that by altering the chromosomal chain by 'capping' the ends of some of the genes so that the gene does not continue to degenerate, as it normally would, with each succeeding cell division; could possibly result in a vastly increased life span for the normal human -- if not a form of human immortality.

It is believed that the physical Vampire, such as the Inheritor and the Classical have already undergone this change in cell division, caused by the 'capped' genes --- due to the results of an infection which is either inherited or spread by one who is carrying it. It is believed, by these researchers, that there may actually be a vaccine against human aging. One shot of this substance into the human body may result in the altered DNA structure and 'capping' of the gene, therefore preventing the deterioration of cell structure that causes aging. It is also believed that the real Vampire has, for centuries, already been undergoing this dramatic alteration.

At about 700 years of human age or slightly before, the DNA is so altered that immortality is achieved. Immortality does not mean living forever and never dying. What it means in the case of a vampire is that the life span is so much longer than the human life span, or even the Night-timer life span, that in the early days this was thought of as living forever.

Example: in the days of early Rome old age was reached at 30, extreme old age was believed to be 50. Although many lived to past 30 and a few lived to 50, very few lived past 50 years of age.

To those Romans our normal life span today of ages ranging from 70 to 100 would be considered immortal. To someone who reached old age at 30 a life span of 100 years, which is more than three times their normal life span, would have been considered immortality, just as Vampires are now considered immortal.

Genetics are infected with the virus. Most Genetic males are said to be infertile. Most Genetic females are believed to be able to pass on the disposition. As with anything there are exceptions to all of this. The viral research is very new to the medical community and is not officially recognized. Opinions may change in the future and in fact some medical opinions differ from these stated facts. But the following is thought to be true ...

Real Vampirism is a disease, transmitted by a virus. Almost all Vampires have the same needs, symptoms and attributes. The virus may be transmitted by birth or infection. The virus affects gene structure and DNA after a period of time.

The more common results are longer life, faster healing capabilities, improved immune systems, the need to ingest blood (diminishing over time), the changes in bone and organ structure over a passage of time, heightened mental and physical abilities, and at this time, no reversal of the process is known. In a sense you could say it is incurable.

Genetics live nearly as long as Night-timers, and they too have both more vampiric, and less vampiric, type individuals.


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