This page is dedicated to Vampires in fiction. Both in print and film. I'm not going to attempt to create a complete list of every vampire book or story ever written, or every vampire film ever made, but this is going to be a long list. If you have a favorite book, story or film that isn't listed here and you'd like to have it included so that others may also enjoy it please email the title and author's name to the webmaster and we'll try to add it here.

Vampires in Print

~ 1819 ''The Vampyre'', a short story, written by John Polidori. It is believed to be the first vampire story in English literature. Polidori was Lord Byron's friend and physician. It is said that he wrote ''The Vampyre'' in response to Lord Byron's "We shall each write a ghost story.'' The same literary challenge that inspired Mary Shelley to create Frankenstein.

~ 1845 - 1847 ''Varney the Vampire'' or ''The Feast of Blood'' made its appearance. It was published as a series of stories called ''penny dreadfuls''. It was incredibly popular at the time and the series ran for a total of 220 chapters. Originally published anonymously, and in 1847 re-published in book form. The author is now believed to be Thomas Malcom Rymer. The original edition was an epic sized book of over 860 two columed pages.

Varney had a lasting impact on vampire fiction being the first to have many of the traits and abilities of today's fictional vampires. He had superhuman strength, fangs that left two puncture wounds on the neck, and he had the ability to hypnoticly control others. Also poor Varney was the first vampire to hate being a vampire. Another trait that has carried over into a lot of modern fiction.

~ 1872 ''Carmilla'' by J. Sheridan Le Fanu. ''Carmilla'' tells the story of Laura, a young woman who finds herself the object of Carmilla's attentions. Carmilla being, of course, a female vampire. The fact that Carmilla is a lesbian vampire is not difficult to figure out considering her intentions toward Laura aren't all for blood, it seems, and all of her victims are female. While Carmilla is noctunal, she can go about by day, she can change form into a huge black cat and pass through solid walls. Carmilla does sleep in a coffin.

Written some 25 years before Dracula, Carmilla had a strong influence on Bram Stoker's work. ''Carmilla'' was first published in the magazine ''The Dark Blue'', in three issues (January, February and March of 1872) and in the same year it was published in Le Fanu's collection of short stories ''In a Glass Darkly''

~ 1897 ''Dracula'' by Abraham ''Bram'' Stoker an Irish novelist and short story writer. ''Dracula'' has to be one of the most popular horror stories of all time. Since its publication, it has never been out of print! Only a very few books can boast that claim. Although Stoker appears to have taken much of his inspiration from ''Varney'' and ''Camilla'' he spent years researching the remote mountains of Transylvania as the setting for his tale. He studied the Eastern Eurpoean vampire legends and gypsy folktales as the basis for his Count even though he did not strictly adhere to those legends and tales in the creation of his charactor.

Since its publication, ''Dracula'' has inspired countless novels and stories, plays, and movies.

For some 57 years no vampire novel even came close to the popularity of Stoker's ''Dracula''. Vampire fans found the tales they loved as short stories in the pulp magazines such as ''Weird Tales'' which had become the home of many noted authors of vampire short fiction. Authors such as C. L. Moore, Manly Wade Wellman, Robert Bloch, August Derleth, Clark Ashton Smith, Seabury Quinn, Henry Kuttner, Robert E. Howard and a host of additional writers.



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