Welcome to the Vampiric Studies Course F.A.Q. page. Below are some of the more frequently asked, interesting or unusual, questions that we have been asked about real vampires.

- - Do vampire women menstruate and, if so, for how long?

- - If you check out the web site, you will find that there are several kinds of vampires, both male and female, who are sterile. But in the cases of the females who can reproduce, their cycles begin as early as any human but do last much longer due to the extended life span/slower aging. We did our own study, quite unscientific. We concluded (and this is by no means official) that Inheritors age about one year for every 12 to 15 years that they live. This would indicate that an Inheritor female capable of birth, such as a Lunar, would keep having cycles much longer into her life span.

As for Night-Timers, most begin late into adolescence. Much later than normal humans, but also continue much longer into their life spans. The life span of a healthy Night-Timer is normally 200 or 250. The rate of aging seems to be 1 year for every 2 or 3 lived, for most. In other words, a Night-Timer woman of 58 ... ahem ... would look in her late 20's or early 30's. Night-timers can have their cycles up to about age 65 or so. I can speak only from my experience and that of my female family members.

- - Do vampires have to have a regular intake of fluids, as they do blood?

- - Of course vampires eat and drink as humans do. However, it takes far less food to meet the requirements to sustain life. With Inheritor and Classical vampires, it takes very little food to put on weight because it is processed more efficiently.

- - Do vampires suffer from things like headaches?

- - Surprisingly, headaches, especially migraines, are common among real vampires. I do not know why.

- - Could a vampire dye their hair with the same chemicals as humans do?

- - Yes, and that is one of the ploys many use to change their appearance when moving on.

- - Would a vampire have to worry about any form of cancer?

- - Worry ... maybe. Die from it, probably not. Real vampires regenerate organs and recover more quickly from such procedures.

- - Is a vampire safe going to a regular medical doctor, or can they conceal their vampirism?

- - Depends. If they went for a check up, probably. If they needed blood tests or tissue test ... then maybe. If just regular blood tests probably, but if going for any sort of DNA test, including Parental testing, the differences in DNA might catch the attention of the Lab worker.

- - Could a true vampire ever love a mortal and live with them as husband and wife?

- - Yes, of course. But only if the vampire can endure the loss of such a spouse over and over. But, yes, they can.

- - With all of the resources available, such as the internet, why are vampires lonely when there seem to be so many willing to expose themselves to the public? I don't mean RPGs (Role Playing Games) and Goths ... surely some of the people who say they are true vampires, really are. And, if so, why wouldn't they reach out to each other?

- - Sometimes they do, but most often not. The 'net is full of role players, pretenders and liars. Some vampires can sense things from e-mail, instant messages or phone calls, but many cannot do so. The 'net is a good place to post messages to enlighten, to tell your personal stories and feelings. Most likely no one believes you anyway, and you can remain anonymous if you like.

Some vampires do personally meet people they met on-line. But, on the whole, most do not accept humans as mates. What a disappointment it is to make an acquaintance, have it become a friendship, then a close friendship ... then the vampire begins to have feelings of love for the human. Then to have the entire thing turn out badly when the real truth is known.

I have had friends become friends only in hopes of me introducing them to vampires who would turn, or transform, them. It is hard for me. It is even harder for someone who feels they are falling in love and decides the heartache of knowing that mortal will die is too much. Then you learn that they never believed you in the first place and thought you were playing, or you find out they have lied to you, or that all they really wanted was for you to infect them.

- - How could a mortal really tell if someone is a vampire? I mean, like if I'm at a party or a store and there is a true vampire there ... would I be able to tell without asking? What sign would I look for?

- - Vampires normally do not advertise their existence. There are no 'signs' to look for. There is no way to really know, unless the vampire decides to let you know, or offers to prove it to you. And this would be extremely rare.

- - Does a vampire have the ability to read someone's mind without them being aware of it?

- - Not the way that you mean. However, vampires can sense many things. Almost like feeling them from you. This can be done psychically, or by thought projection, or a method called 'scanning' (which is sort of picking up things from your letters, e-mail and in-person or phone conversation).

Vampires can induce you to completely forget things. I know this from first hand experience. Vampires can alter the conscious state to make an experience seem like a dream or in some way make reality seem unreal. Vampires can induce sleep, or a sleep-like state. I know this from experience as well.

- - Can a vampire hypnotize a mortal without them being aware of it?

- - No. If he is a trained hypnotist, then maybe. But, see above question for explanation of what can be done.

- - How often will a vampire 'bring across' a mortal?

- - Real ones that I have spoken to, or know personally, very seldom.

- - What makes a vampire decide to 'bring across' a mortal?

- - It is an individual choice depending on the vampire. At times because he or she feels they just want to keep the person around as a friend, or because they think the person needs time to accomplish something they have begun. It could be any reason.

- - Would they do it because they love them?

- - Usually not. I know Vampires who were married to mortals and allowed them to grow old and die as anyone else would. Perhaps sometimes they might do so for love, but I doubt it. A vampires lives with death. They see their mortal friends die all the time and must keep seeing the loss of loved ones, spouses and friends ... over and over again. They are resigned to it; it is part of their existence.

We all loose loved ones, hopefully not until late in our lives. But some of us, even the human or Night-timer, see many losses. I have lost my son, my first husband, my mother, my mother-in-law, father-in-law, my grandmother, several aunts and seven dearest close friends in the past seven years. And yet, this is nothing compared to how many deaths a vampire must endure.

- - If a vampire were to fall in love with a mortal and 'bring them across,' do they hold the same values as mortals do concerning love? I mean, are there 'divorces' among vampires? (You may think that's a really stupid question. But I think that if a vampire possesses more psychic ability, they would tend to view things like that in a much more pure and unselfish way. Which would make the meaning of 'love' a more respected and treasured thing.)

- - Vampires regard marriage as humans do ... some with more commitment than others. But, I do not know of any vampire divorces.

- - What type of vampires are there more of in the world now? Classicals or Inheritors?

- - I would venture to guess it would be Classicals.

UPDATE: it is now several years later than when this web site first went up, there has been a civil war of sorts raging for a few years now. Based on the last report I received, the Classicals (also referred to as Pales) now far outnumber the other breeds of vampires.

- - How does a vampire die naturally?

- - Of old age, the way humans do. However, I do not know of a single reported case of a vampire dying a natural death.

- - If a vampire does die, what type of burial is done?

- - That would be determined by his or her wishes. It would be the same as anyone else ... perhaps religious, perhaps not.

There is no one single vampire religion.

- - Is the predominant faith among Classic and Inheritor vampires Paganism?

- - Oddly, no. It seems to be Judeo-Christian, as to the ones I have met, write to, or know personally. Most seem to be Christian. I would say most others fall into the categories of Buddhist, or other Oriental, or Asian disciplines. However, there are many pagans included among the various vampire types.

- - Now, don't judge me on this next question, or think of me in a cruel or sadistic way, but if a vampire were being troubled by a mortal, why wouldn't they just 'eliminate' the problem since they are obviously much stronger and smarter (in a psychic way)? If all vampires possess that 'killer' instinct, then wouldn't that justify his actions ... kill to protect?

- - No, it would not justify the act of killing. It never justifies harming someone just because you are able to do so. Stronger, better connected, more powerful, more wealthy, nope. Humans are the same way ... killers. But keeping control is what civilizes man, or vampire, as a race.

Laws for the good of all, not just a few. Meeting difficulties without killing is what makes civilization, both human and vampire. There are 'Cops' who enforce their own kind. Renegade vampires who commit crimes against humans, or in some way break laws or rules having to do with their own kind, are considered criminals and are tracked down by their own 'police.'

The difference is that most of the time, the criminal vampire is usually killed when caught. Vampire laws and judgments, on their own kind, are much more harsh most of the time than human justice. Given the length of time a vampire lives, and his physical strength, it is useless to put him or her in a human jail.

- - I was wondering recently, do most vampires participate in any form of organized religion?

- - Yes, most are affiliated with various forms of Judeo-Christian, Buddhist, Taoist religions, and some are Pagan. Vampires are not worshipers of evil, or the Devil, just because they are vampires

- - A 'traditional' vampire is usually thought of as having a fear of and/or being harmed by most religious symbols. Is that true?

- - Only in fictional writings, TV and films. Such symbols do not harm vampires. For a fuller explanation of why such beliefs are thought of as true, read the Myth Origins pages on this site.

- - This sort of vampire (referring to the myth of being repelled by, or damaged by, religious symbols) would have great difficulty attending Catholic Mass on Sundays. Even if a vampire is capable of participating on the Catholic religion, it seems doubtful that they would want to.

- - And why not? Those beliefs come from the original folk lore and church teachings that vampires were the essence of evil and could not abide good. Good is stronger that even supreme evil, so the Myth vampires cannot abide to be in a church or encounter and symbol of good or God. Pure nonsense. Why? Because actual vampires are also religious and non religious just like humans ... many are Christian, Jewish, Catholic, etc.

- - Needless to say, there are numerous faiths that would allow for vampire participation. So I guess my real question is, do vampires want to participate in any organized religious practices?

- - Just as with humans, this is an individual choice. Some do, some do not. I know several vampires who are Catholic, Christian forms, Oriental and Asian religions, and Pagans.

- - Also, does being a vampire carry with it an entirely separate religion or set of possible religions that one could participate in?

- - There are some 'pseudo' groups who have their own forms of what they call religion, but to my knowledge, there in not one over all accepted 'Vampire Religion.' Most of these groups base their self-proclaimed religions on myths of the past. None of these groups are real vampires. Bloodists or Fetishists, perhaps ... nothing more.

- - I have a question of my own: are vampires created with demonic powers?

- - No, vampires are either born with the virus already in their bodies, or they are infected with it by one who is himself infected. It is not a religious issue, but a medical issue. Demons and the Devil are only myths. Vampires are neither demons nor devils. They are not born or created by evil any more than a normal human is born evil.

- - I have one main question that I am looking to answer: Why are humans so interested in vampires?

- - This is the easiest question of all. Humans are more than just interested in vampires, many wish to meet them or become one themselves. They pretend to be them and it is because of several reasons:

1. They wrongly believe there is majesty and power in a real vampire's life, mainly because of the myths, legends and lies of history.

2. Because they believe there is great power in being a vampire; power over friends, enemies, etc.

3. Beauty, staying young forever, staying beautiful forever or creating beauty through magic where none was before.

4. Personal strength; being popular and liked by all. Humans - some of them anyway - also feel vampires are evil and serve the devil. This is untrue but some humans seek to do evil, seek revenge for some wrong done to them in the past and want great power to exact this revenge.

But all those reasons are wrong. There is no such vampire as those depicted in Anne Rice, Dracula, or Forever Knight. These are only characters which come from the minds of human writers based on legends made from fear and ignorance of other humans in the distant past. The modern day writers took ideas from ancient folk lore and the fears of the ancient church. But these were disbeliefs and not true. In truth, there are real vampires and they are psychic and do possess abilities which are a bit stronger than humans' but not as in the legends. Most do not know this. They either believe the legends are true and there are real vampires just like those legends OR they believe nothing is real and that it is pretend, so what is the harm?

The truth is there are vampires and they are strong and psychic but not as much as the legends and some are not strong or psychic. They are not spirit or evil and they do not kill all they see. Their life is difficult and hard and dangerous. They face death often. Oh, yes. That is the last reason humans wish to be vampires for they believe vampires never die. They do. Always have, even in films and legends.

- - Are there any vegetarian vampires?

- - This depends on what sort of vampire of which you are you are speaking. If you mean a Psi-Vamp, Sexual Vampire, or any NON-VIRAL vampire, then the answer would be, yes, they could be a true vegetarian. However, if you are referring to the real vampires, such as Inheritors or Classicals, the answer is - no. Because normally blood from humans is consumed, and a human falls into the scientific category of animal. Night-timers and Genetics, in most cases, take animal blood, which means they could not be true vegetarians either. So I guess the answer to your question would be ... Maybe ... depending on which classification of vampire you are inquiring about.

- - Some questions specifically asked of my husband - -
- - When did you cross over, how old were you, what year was it?

- - I was turned during the very end of the year of 1953 or the very beginning of the year 1954. It was a day or two either side of the New Year. I never knew for sure. I was 35 years old.

- - How did you meet your creator, the one that brought you across?

- - I did not meet him before hand. I sort of stumbled across him accidentally while exploring in the southwest desert.

- - How did he/she change you, what was the process?

- - The most effective way of transforming is via an infusion of the vampire's blood. However, as in my case, repeated feeding and the exposure to the vampire's saliva can also bring about a transformation. A beginning that is most often fought off by the body .... even if not a total transformation.

- - Do you still communicate with him/her, and how?

- - Yes, I can still reach him, if I find that I have to. But most of the time he doesn't see fit to return my phone calls.

- - Do you have real vampire fangs, are they retractable, how long are they?

- - No, my canines are much the same as they were before my infection. I am afraid you would be disappointed.

- - Do your eyes change?

- - My eyes are dark, dark brown. I have been told that when I am extremely angry they seem to flash, appearing very black.

- - Do you look demonic / ugly when you are hungry?

- - No. Sorry, to disappoint you.

- - How old do you really look?

- - I've been told that I look 30 to 35 but one young lady at the 'Guess Your Age' booth at a fair thought I was 25.

- - How do you go about feeding?

- - When I moved to New York, Catherene was able to help me secure volunteers to cover my needs. I rarely find it necessary to actually go hunting. This situation is always subject to change, however.

- - What is your preference as to blood? Do you prefer something to be, or not to be, in the donor's diet?

- - Personally, I have a very strong aversion to most drugs, alcohol and tobacco products. I dislike both the smell and the taste.

- - How many real vampires do you know?

- - At this time I know 10. I have known more than that in the past. But I say 10 at this time because I know where these individuals are and how to reach them. They are friends.

- - Can you change your appearance? Can you shape-shift?

- - I wish that myth were true. But I have never known a real vampire who even seriously claimed to be able to shape-shift.

- - Are coffins really necessary when you sleep? And do you still need soil in your coffin?

- - No, I sleep in a queen-sized bed and the only soil in the house is in the flower pots of the house plants. The need for coffins and 'native earth' are myths.

- - About regeneration, can you regenerate a body part if it's severed and/or lost; or how does that work?

- - Personally, I do not know. It has never happened to me but I do have very fast recuperative powers. I have seen others heal very quickly from major damage but I have never, for example, seem limbs re-grow. That could be simply due to the fact that I've never known a vampire who has lost a limb.

- - {BLUSH}, How has sex changed for you from before you were brought across and after you were brought across, did you notice any changes?

- - (My original e-mail answer to this question was 'No comment,' however I will make a short answer.) All vampires have heightened senses. This includes sight, scent, hearing and touch. Yes, touch, or the tactile sense, becomes more acute as well. Imagine, if you can, that you know someone is in the same room with you because you can FEEL the movement of the air as they breathe. Now, imagine this type of heightened sensation in other areas of the body that are already quite ... sensitive. Almost all experience, for a vampire, is intensified.

- - What happens to you when you go out during a sunny day?

- - I wear long sleeved shirts, polarized sunglasses, a hat, long pants and sunscreen. Sometimes it doesn't help all that much. During the summer months, I often get blisters ... even on my lips. My eyes are very light sensitive as well, making driving difficult at times. I truly look forward to the long, quiet, soothing nights of winter.

- - If a virus is the root of all this, and a person can be brought across, i.e.; infected. How is it that all donors or non-killed victims do not go through the change? I mean, wouldn't they be exposed to the virus through the Vampyre's saliva?

- - Yes, it would and does, both saliva and blood, however not all humans can become infected i.e. become vampires due to three main factors.

1. The strength of the virus the human is being exposed to.

2. The human's own immune system.

Like any virus, the human body fights it. If the immune system is strong enough, it wards it off and there is no embedding of the virus, which means the person does not be come infected i.e. the DNA does not change over time. So, the human is not 'brought across' as you put it.

3. It is also believed to depend on the chemistry of the individual's blood.

The virus apparently cannot live in human blood with certain chemical combinations natural to it. It is a highly individual thing. Contrary to popular belief ... most people do fight off the infection. Otherwise there would be no human life by now.

- - I've read some of your husband's comments and he doesn't seem to care for humans very much. Why?

- - You are correct. I do not care much for humans. At best, I find them annoying. The longer I live, and the more I am forced to co-exist with them, the more I find myself in agreement with the attitude of many Pales that humans should be cattle

- - How can you tell if there are any real vampires in your family?

- - If you need to know if vampirism runs in your family the best way to begin is to talk with the eldest of your family members. Don't ask about, or say anything about, vampires ... begin with the oldest people. Begin by asking where they came from and where their grand parents came from. Ask if there was ever anyone in the family who was a bit odd, or if there was someone no one liked, or that many relatives seemed to be afraid of. Ask if there was anyone who kept to themselves at lot ... left home very young and never returned. Find out why. Ask if anyone ever worked nights for all or most of their career and preferred it that way. Then find out everything you can about that person, if there is one.

- - Can vampires really dodge bullets?

- - No ... they're just not likely to do enough damage to kill. And vampires heal much faster.

- - I have read the site and did not find anything that told how the infection gets to the humans. Is it transmitted when the vampire bites the human and the human dies?

- - Vampires do not kill humans as a rule, there are more then enough willing donors, and not very many vampires of any classification are willing to infect others. The infection is spread through the blood and sometimes the tissue exposed to blood and saliva of a vampire. But it need not necessarily be by bite, any contamination can possibly infect.

- - Or does the human not die and therefore is infected and becomes a vampire?

- - Dead and undead vampires are purely myth. A person sometimes becomes infected through sharing of vampire blood or can be given the infection through a bite.

- - If the later is correct, would there not be a lot of vampires?

- - Well, you would think so. However, not everyone exposed to the retrovirus contracts it, due to individual blood chemistry and their own immune systems. The infection spreads through the blood.

- - If you were going to 'bring someone across' what would cause you to pick one person instead of another? How would you choose? What would be the deciding factors in your choice?

- - If I were going to make such a choice, I would pick someone who was mentally strong and stable, independent and able to stand on their own two feet, intelligent and well read, eager to learn new things, open minded, creative, probably either artistic in some way, or highly skilled in an important field or area.

Who would I NOT choose? A whiner, a depressive, dependant or addictive personality, someone with suicidal tendencies, or murderous tendencies.

My favorite response to most whimpering 'wannabe's' goes something like this...

'If you can't handle you life as it is now, what makes you think that you can handle it for 200 years, or 600 years, or a thousand? If you think your life is so miserable and horrible now, why do you want to make it LONGER?!'

- - Will you make me a vampire?

- - NO!

- - Why didn't you try to save Catherene by infecting her and making her a Classical vampire?

- - Catherene was already infected with a weaker form of the virus. She was a Nighttimer. An attempt at re-infecting her would not have worked. We shared ... a great deal ... during our relationship. If it had been possible for her to become infected with the stronger strain of the virus, I'm sure it would have happened. This is the only time I will deal with that question.


For answers to more traditional questions about vampires see the Myth pages.

As ever,
Catherene NightPoe

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