Originally a Fetish was used in magic, for healing and many other positive things. Today a fetish is something that is often used purely for sexual stimulus. The word in modern day usage has more often come to mean a deviant behavior, a sexual act to help gain arousal or completion. It can be anything such as a pair of shoes, somebody's underwear, an old blanket you had as a child, or blood. Your own, or someone else's. With a blood fetish, it means someone who 'needs' the presence of blood during the sexual act, either their own blood or that of a partner.

A Bloodist is a person who partakes of human or animal blood, but generally not for a sexual purpose. Anyone who partakes of the blood of another is a Bloodist. Bloodists often call themselves vampires, or are called vampires by outsiders and the uninformed.

Recently, many bloodists have begun calling themselves Sanguinariuns to differentiate themselves from Viral and other Vampires. They will also often call themselves 'Living' or 'Human' vampires amongst themselves. Their intake of blood comes from what they see as a sense of sharing each other's life force, as a gift of love and/or general fun.

Some Sanguinariuns/Bloodists are also fetishists, needing the blood to begin sexual arousal.

Sanguinariuns/Bloodists usually take the blood of another from the lower or upper forearm, on top of the breasts near the heart, the abdomen, inner thigh or other places they feel comfortable with. The blood is usually obtained using phlebotomist equipment, or assortments of knives, razors and such.

Sanguinariuns, Bloodists and Fetishists are not truly Vampires.

Sanguinariuns/Bloodists are humans who enjoy feeding from one another. They do not have the Vampire Medical Condition and they do not necessarily have the psychological problems so often attributed to sexual fetishists. Bloodist are not infected with the Retrovirus commonly attributed to all Vampires in today's modern medicine.

Sanguinariuns/Bloodists do not need blood to survive, as in nourishment, the way real and true medical vampires do. They simply have made a life style out of sharing one another's blood for pleasure, intimacy or some other form of bonding and closeness. Bloodists do often have both blood and sex, or just the 'blooding' which in many cases replaces the passion of sex itself.

Again, I remind you that these are NOT vampires, because they are not infected with the virus and do not have the Vampire Medical Condition. However, many still tend to call themselves vampires because they actually physically take blood from one another.

Bloodists obtain their blood from donors and friends. Usually they do so by slicing with a razor, scalpel or other device included in the design of various pieces of jewelry. Blood pumps and needles are also used, but biting is seldom employed by either Bloodists or fetishists. Most often these arrangements are consensual, but very dangerous. Such practices can lead to infections and transmitted illnesses of the blood. There are many things just as bad as AIDS which can be carried in the blood of an infected person. Illnesses that lay dormant, then strike months or years later ... all just as serious and many just as deadly. And all of which can be passed on to you and by you ... if you contract them without knowing it.

The safest thing is to NOT take part in this pretend vampirism, but if you must, then be sure you and your blood partners have valid lab tests before you proceed. Go with that person so you can be sure it is their actual blood and urine samples that are given to the lab.


If you are going to be so ignorant and primitive to use a razor or needle, be sure it is sterilized with heat and alcohol before and after every usage. Do not share used needles and do not use a razor that is not completely sterilized each and every time.
But the best way to stay safe is to keep away. Don't even begin.

You are human ... and so are they. Humans can die.

As ever,
Catherene NightPoe


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