We of Vampiric Studies would now like to give a special THANK YOU to all those who over the years have helped us in providing you with the most factual and up to date information on today's world of Modern Vampires.

You will find these people and organizations listed elsewhere on this site.


Artist Boris Vallejo for the use of his notable artwork on this site.

Rev. Black Raven (The Coven Organization)

Inanna Arthen ... Gateway To The Living Vampire

Everyone at Fangs Entertainment

Everyone at Vampires Alive, The Blood Coven

All of those at The Vampire Society

All those at The International Vampire Society

All those of the Elysium Society of Brooklyn NY

All those of The Living Vampires Group

The Cherokee Vampire legend is from the book
by Shane MacDougall

Creator of Vampiric Studies, the Night~Timer
officially and professionally known as Catherene / Night Poe.

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Other Credits
We have had several crashes and one sabotage of our site, some names and addresses are lost to us, so if you see your work here without proper credit, please write and tell us. We will give you full credit and provide a link to your site.

Graphic Credits.
Our thanks to Boris Vallejo, and all the others who provided original and other graphics to this site.

Our special thanks to ImortalN, Nicholas, for his outstanding contributions in providing first hand knowledge on the topics of The Prophecies, Inheritor Vampires, including Lunars, information regarding Classical Vampires and 'Gaunts', parts of Myth Origins, and endless questions answered, which made much of the Vampiric Information possible.

A special thank you to the Vampires, of all species, (who wish to remain anonymous) who have made contributions to this site as well.

Also, if you are a Vampire and would like to contribute to this site, please feel free to contact the Web Master.

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